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Wall Decor Ideas

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A wall isn’t just a wall; it is your own canvas—a blank canvas. If you consider that simplicity is the best policy in the case of a wall, then rethink because having a cold, blank wall shows your dull personality. Everyone wishes to have a beautiful home. You can add drama to your space, and for that, you have to be a little creative.
I have lots of ideas to share with you.
First of all, select the wall that is the focal point of your place. Now you can adorn your wall with a number of elements, like:
Using wallpaper is the easiest way to give a texture to the wall. Choose light colors if you have small rooms. If you want to create an accent wall then wallpaper on just one wall can create that perfect look.
Wall Cladding
Another idea for having a textured wall is wall cladding. Cladding can be made of materials like wood, fabric, and metal on a wall, right from the floor to the ceiling. Wood is an elegant and classic cladding material. Other cladding materials are fabric, metal, coconut husk, or anything interesting around you.
Shelves not only change the look but can also serve the purpose of storing some stuff or showcasing your accessories. Shelve enhances the beauty of the wall dramatically.
Wall Hanging
You can use fabric, quilt, tapestry, or any other cloth that is no longer in use, but you just can’t throw it away because of its beauty. You just need to be a bit creative while using all these.
Framed Art                                                                                                                                             
Use framed art in an interesting way to give your wall a warm and pleasing look. You can use a single art piece or create a gallery wall. Pictures can be your family photographs or artwork done by any artist or your little one.
Wall Painting/Murals  
This can be great fun for you. Add charm to your walls by painting either floral motifs or any other kind of art form. It can be freehand or stenciled, but the outcome will definitely be rewarding.
Metal Work/Mirrors
Be it wooden, iron, brass, or copper panels, you can use any kind of metalwork according to your room’s theme and your taste. Mirrors are the latest trend to give you the illusion of more space
Wall Decals
Wall decals are the cheapest and quickest way to add some drama to your walls. Decals come in a myriad variety and can be chosen according to the room. For the kids’ room, some colorful and funky decals are available, while for the living room, there are decals with some lovely quotes that say a lot about love and family.
Last but not least, lighting also plays an important role in adding warmth and illuminating the area.
Adding a few elements from these given ideas can transform your place from dull to elegant, pleasing, and wonderful.
I hope you find these tips useful.

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