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Wall Stories: Guest Blog By Bharti Niroula

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Our “Wall Stories” series has been inspiring a lot of people and I have been receiving wonderful messages every now and then which I want to pass on to all those wonderful, creative and talented ladies who were, are and will be a part of this series. Let’s have a big round of applause for all the contributors who sent me images of their beautiful walls, inspired thousands of people and made this series a huge success!
Wall Decor

Our earlier blogs on ‘Traditional Wall Decor‘, ‘Contemporary & Eclectic Wall Decor‘ and ‘Wall Of Masks‘ have become so bulky that it is a hassle to add more images in those blogs so I decided that I’ll be publishing a separate blog for this series from now onwards if I receive more images from contributors. So today we have a guest with us all the way from Kuwait who will be sharing gorgeous images of beautifully done up walls and she will tell us how she did it all.

Wall Decor

First of all, let me introduce myself to you all. My name is Bharti NiroulaI have been living in Kuwait for 14 years. I have one son and two dogs. Basically, I am from Chandigarh.

I loved Design Decor & Disha…very inspiring. Every time I read your wall stories it fills my heart.
Her love for plates and masks is quite evident. I loved the eclectic style that Bharti managed to create by putting the plates on the wall and balancing the look with the antique brass items on the shelf. Not to mention the pop of turquoise and pink is adding to the charm of the place. 
Wall Decor
This many faces wall in my living room that I recently updated.Most of the stuff is bought during my travels. It’s really nice to have a few of my favorites out on the wall where I can enjoy them everyday. But my Mother has a problem with the nails everywhere, after hanging the art she is OKAY.

In the below picture, Bharti has proven that mixing and matching if done wisely can never disappoint you. Paintings, plates, masks and a hanging from different places are creating such a wonderful display of memories. Paintings of alleys are so hypnotising that can easily transport you to some another world. I am wondering how different elements from different places can create a perfect display and yet look so belonged to the place.

Wall Decor
Ever since I built my home in 2016 I’ve fallen more and more in love with home decor and styling. I find it to be such a great way to practice creativity and to make my house feel unique and comfortable to live in. Decorating my home is something I love, I don’t spend lots of time doing and redoing my rooms, just for the sake of reaching design perfection. For me, it has to be a labor of love, not an obsession. That is why I pace myself. I want my home to be truly inspired by our life, and that authenticity tends to come with time, layer by layer.

So this was it from my side. I hope you enjoyed this guest blog and found some inspirations too. I have embedded the link to Bharti’s Instagram account in her name where she introduced herself. Please don’t forget to check out!!
Thank you Bharti for sharing eye-candy images of your walls. We loved having you on 3D.

I am doing a wall makeover so y’all please keep watching this space, I’ll see you soon!!
Till then connect with me here:

P.S: All the images are property of Bharti Niroula and are subject to copyright. Please seek permission before using them. Thanks!!!


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