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What is Craft

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Craft is about objects, the artists who make them, and the people who use them. It is created by a creative person by using his/her imagination, skills, different elements, and processes. Craft is a skill that involves practical art. It can be Glass, Wood, Jute, Paper, Bead, Clay, Metal or Textile.
Craft is an expression of ideas to create decorative or functional objects.

Meaning of craft according to persons from the craft world:

Edmund de Waal

‘Craft is a starting place, a set of possibilities.
It avoids absolutes, certainties, over-robust definitions, solace.
It offers places, interstices, where objects and people meet.
It is unstable, contingent.
It is about experience. It is about desire.
It can be beautiful.’

Mark Jones
Director, Victoria & Albert Museum

Craft is remembering that art is seen, felt and heard as well as understood, knowing that not all ideas start with words, thinking with hands as well as head.

Rosy Greenlees
Director, Crafts Council

‘Contemporary craft is about making things. It is an intellectual and physical activity where the maker explores the infinite possibilities of materials and processes to produce unique objects. To see craft is to enter a world of wonderful things that can be challenging, beautiful, sometimes useful, tactile, extraordinary; and to understand and enjoy the energy and care that has gone into their making.
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