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What is Decor

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Decor is an act or process of enhancing the beauty of a place or thing. Decoration beautifies our surroundings and it can be done by adorning the place or thing with a combination of elements like art, craft, fabric, mirror, or any other thing that fits aesthetically.
Here you can see how a living room can be transformed from a dull place to an exquisite, warm, and welcoming area.
Decor is something that involves a lot of creativity. There is no need to spend a lot of money for decorating your space you can make your own decorating items. Below is an example of such a room.
Using simple things can add drama to your space. You can find everything on my blog so keep an eye on my post. I will post how you can make different decorative items your own. So just wait and watch.
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Happy Decorating!!!

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