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When Creative Juices Flow: Coconut Shell Hanging Planter

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This project has been on my mind for long. Executed it recently. I used coconut shells, twine, and bangles.  Put them together and the outcome is just superb. I am extremely happy to see it hanging in my garden. It looks so beautiful.
I planted different creepers in each coconut shell that is serving as a planter now.
I am sure that it will look awesome after a few months when the planter will be covered with different beautiful foliage.
Can you notice small jingling bells(ghungroo) at the bottom? They make such pleasing sounds.

Though I wanted to color shells and add beads to the twine I was so in a hurry that I didn’t wait and just hung it as it is. Probably I will make one more with a twist.


A lot more projects are in queue so drop by frequently and stay creative.
Have a lovely weekend ahead.


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20 Responses

  1. Disha these planters are really best.I had saved so many coconut shell but coudn't do it.Tell me how you did that round base with the twine.That is really cool.super like 🙂

  2. Aha Pretty idea. I too planted money plant in coconut shell and kept in plastic small planter. This is nice idea of hanging.

  3. Disha.. this is absolutely stunning.. I've been thinking of the same thing for a while… Actually when I was in Kerala in Feb.. I saw these.. and I saw.. money plants in like coke and fanta bottles.. hanging off twines.. or ropes… in a string.. and they looked gorgeous!!

    so.. well done.. on this one.. I'm probably going to follow soon.. 🙂

  4. @Nayana: Thanks Nayana!!
    @Viji: Thanks!!I also kept few shells in big cement planter but hanging one looks awesome.
    @Patricia: Thanks Patty for so generous comment. I am honoured. Waiting to see one you are going to make… will be special one.

  5. Hey Disha, this is nicely done and I am sure it's going to look great when the plants grow.
    I too have saved big coconut shells to do something like this. Thanks for idea of twine and the hangings..

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