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When Creative Juices Flow: DIY clay pot

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It has been a long that I posted about any DIY project. So here’s one for you. I saw this pot and liked its shape. Since then every new idea has been replacing the older one and I was just wondering what I’m gonna do with this pot. Then came this wonderful idea of transforming this pot with clay work. Clay, stones, glue, and a lot of patience and output is one HAPPY ORANGE POT :-)))

And this pot now can serve in different ways… come have a look……..
On side table in the living room.

In Kitchen as spoon holder (going well with orange backsplash)……….

As a planter for your lucky plant (lovely combination of orange and green isn’t it)……..

On the bathroom countertop with a lot of flowers to bring a big smile to your face every morning…….

So let me know friends which one is the best way to use it….or do you have some more ideas…. come on and share with me.
Keep Creating!!!

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  1. Love the bright orange colour and the pretty designs on it. It is interesting to see how well it suits so many locations and so many different back grounds.

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